What is the difference between a sedan vehicle, an SUV, or a hatchback?

Today, in Maipú, we tell you the differences between a sedan vehicle, an SUV and a hatchback so you can choose the car that best suits you and your needs.


What differentiates a sedan from the other cars is the independence of the trunk with the rest of the body, that is, they are divided into three volumes: the engine, the passenger compartment and the trunk. They are characterized by having more space in the trunk and for being vehicles for four or five people. The space of both the cabin and the trunk, and its classic and elegant design make the sedan the quintessential family car.

An example of today’s sedan is the new Volkswagen Vento.


This term applies to a sports utility vehicle or VUD, known as its SUV, or sport utility vehicle. These are trucks that combine elements of off-road cars and passenger cars.

They have a monocoque chassis and are built on front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or all-wheel drive platforms. The great advantage of these trucks is that they can travel on complicated roads such as routes, but they also offer great performance in urban environments. The Volkswagen Tiguan or Touareg fall into the SUV category.


Compact cars are also known as hatchbacks and are those that consist of two volumes or that lack a tail. The rear of the trunk can be opened by a rear door or a rear window and is considered one more door, so you can find that hatchbacks with two side doors are called “three doors” and the four side door models are called of “five doors”.

The hatchback models feature sporty designs, making them more appealing to a younger audience, typically single people and young or childless couples.

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